The Cats of Tangier

Amani Ali
Nov 4, 2022

A photo essay of my favorite feline encounters in Tangier, Morocco.

A tiled sign in 3 parts in 3 different languages. In French “House of Hosts", transliterated Arabic “House of the Sultan" and in Italian, “Beware of cats” with a picture of a black cat and orange cat touching tails.
The house of the Sultan is adorned with a mosaic fixture that reads, “Attenti ai Gatti” (Italian) which translates to “beware of cats.” Though the translation may sound ominous, cats are revered in Morocco.
Three kittens in an alley. One contemplates the milk in front of her.
Black and white cat sits on a tree that resembles a camel in the middle of a public park.
Hey, that tree looks like a camel.
(left) black and white cat sits on the street. (center) 4 cats wait with customers in front of a bakery. (right) white cat stands in an alley.
White cat nestles upon a bicycle basket in front of La Tangerina Hotel. Bike is fixed to the ground and building, in front of foliage.
White cat nestles upon a bicycle basket in front of La Tangerina Hotel.
(left) Mother cat feeds her kitten in the safety of a private residence. (right) Grey tabby cleans a fishbone.
We smile at the cafe cat whose face has human proportions. Later, he shamelessly swipes for skewers.
Orange cat strolls by convenience shop with snacks on the pavement.
An orange tabby strides through the streets deliberately.
(left) A dirty cat sunbathes while licking himself. (right) A tabby kitten sleeps on food-soiled paper.
(left) A calico nods off near the steps to the kasbah. (right) A tabby lurches for dropped food.
cat sits amongst a large pile of green and blue trashbags
Now, that’s just trashy…
visually impaired black cat sits under an outdoor cafe chair.
This one is très mignon (very cute).
orange cat resting on motorcycle seat with a pink bag of purchased goods. The cat watches me take a photo. Motorcycle is parked near the waterfront, surrounded by palm trees.
Cycle kitty guards your purchases.
tortoiseshell cat standing on a red curb looks straight into the camera
Kisses for the camera!




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