It is much more important than that.

girl shoots cue ball toward 8 ball in the forefront

“I don’t want you to survive, I want you to win,” he said.

In the pool and billiards community, one pocket is known as an old man’s game and as a 32 year old woman, I don’t fit that description. I had just been eliminated from a monthly tournament, frustrated…

​Amani Ali leads the Healthy Grocery Initiative (HGI) of the Oakland-based nonprofit, Mandela Partners (MP). Through HGI, Amani partners with Oakland store owners to support business growth, build customer loyalty, and increase healthy food options, such as fresh, frozen, lightly processed, and packaged fruits and vegetables, in their communities. …

Amani Ali

Amani is a food justice advocate by day, pool player by night and a writer somewhere in between.

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